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gf coating batter

use this batter to coat vegetables and serve as a starter with a chilli dipping sauce, or coat slabs of tofu and season with salt and lemon for a gf ‘fish and chips’

Prep time   5 mins         Cook time 8-12 minutes                  serves    4


55g cornflour

55g rice flour

50g buckwheat flour

3/4tsp fine salt

185 ml sparkling water or dry cider or beer


  1. Whisk together flours
  2. Gradually whisk in liquid until a smooth batter forms
  3. Add enough oil to a deep pan to get at least a couple of inches depth of oil (5cm). Heat until very hot but not smoking- approximately 170C- drop a small amount of batter into the oil and wait until the batter fizzes.
  4. Dip desired foods in batter and deep fry until golden, carefully turning items halfway.

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