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my journey towards the creation of the ‘wild rose kitchen’ has been through cooking and growing food. I’ve worked in professional kitchens, on farms and in market gardens… and the importance of good food has been clear to me throughout.

food is medicine! With a diverse, largely plant-based, wholefoods diet we can prevent many diseases from affecting us. Most of us are also aware of the smaller demand for land from a largely plant-based diet.
So, let’s eat more plants!

We keep to low refined sugar by using mainly fruit sweetness, in our recipes as its better for us.

We also know how much gluten intolerance there is out there, and the diversity of beautiful grains that we could be eating, and growing more of. So we stay wheat-free.

Please feel free to get in touch to talk about food or your catering needs!

Open anytime for enquiries
Opening hours for online orders

Monday: Open- 1-2 day delivery
Tuesday: Open- 1-2 day delivery
Wednesday: Open- 1-2 day delivery
Thursday: Open- 1-2 day delivery

Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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