Here is a basic bibliography of literature, people and places that have educated and inspired me.
Needless to say more literature, art, music, culture and philosophy have helped to open my mind too.


Rudolf Steiner- What is Biodynamics

Rudolf Steiner has had a monumentus impact on the world, not only in the land management field but also in the way we educate our children. Biodynamics emphasises the need for natural cycles and processes to be allowed to continue for healthy land, soil systems and animal and plant communities.





The Bio-Integrated Farm 

With an extensive knowledge and practice of permaculture, the Jadrniceks have assembled a practical manual to highly productive and efficient systems farming, thinking and designing.



Plants for a Future (PFAF Database)- Edible Perennials and Woodland Gardening

A fantastic reference book for perennial, commercially viable species to grow in temperate climates. Largely based on research by PFAF in Cornwall, UK.





The Carbon Farming Solution by Eric Toensmeier

For: many of the statistics stated, examples of worldwide agroforestry practice, confirmation of the applicability of perennial farming to the masses.




The Permaculture Garden by Graham Bell

For: personal gardening references on crop rotation, mulching, composting and the ‘4 Year Forest Garden Plan’. Plus lists of dynamic nutrient accumulators, edible perennial plants.





Mazi Farm in Greece, established by Dimitri Tsios

A friend from university, Dimitri has moved away from his area of study in economics, into agroforestry and sustainable farming. The progress on his new family farm in Greece is amazing and his dedication to spreading the word motivates me to do the same.





Wendell Berry
For: his life’s work in philosophy and farming. His verbalisation of the problems of our current agricultural system induced my personal aspiration to become a regenerative farmer.





Bruce Bougen at Willowbank Farm, Blenheim, New Zealand.

For his knowledge and hospitality in living off the land all year round.

May we be comforted that we have access to vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom should we need it