The way we eat determines our health and the health of our land and natural systems

Working with our Earth we have the capacity to feed every human being well.

“People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health.
And are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food.”

Wendell Berry- Farmer and agricultural activist

Educate and regulate

Consumers have power

If we are to see improvements in the food that is offered to us, we will have to drive it through change in consumer demand. It is within our power to stop supporting profit driven giant corporations, and instead find more local alternatives.

It is also imperative that we reduce our meat and dairy intake, as evidence points towards the environmental sustainability of a more plant-based diet.

Happily, this vege-centric diet is also heralded by dieticians as the healthiest diet!

Government role

Simultaneously governments must intervene to guide us in the right direction. People must be able to make well-informed decisions on what to buy- what’s good for them and for the planet.

Companies cannot continue to market and advertise their products in a way that manipulates us- just as tobacco companies were banned from attractive marketing, I believe that fast foods should be placed under the same restrictions.

Empowerment in grass-roots enterprise

It is difficult in our modern world to have time for community, but it is here that we hold so much power to be more self-sufficient and enjoy more local wealth.

I would argue that governments must ensure each citizen has close access from their residency to growing space that they can either cooperatively, or independently grow food on.

Cooperatively grown root vegetables

The growing and eating of food should be a primary concern to us all, clearly it is to me as a grower and chef.