We began by building simple compost bins of recycled pallets and stakes.

Layering pallet compost bins with greens: grass, clippings, weeds (high nitrogen), and browns: leaf mulch, wood chip, sawdust, thin twigs (high carbon)

The type and quantity of ingredients in compost matters. This will aid proper thermal decomposition, and an almost homogeneous product could be ready in 1 year.

The majority of the ingredients will be a mixture of greens and browns, with some existing soil to introduce a nurse population of microorganisms that will be breaking down the organic matter. This layering technique is then repeated and supplements can be added, like seaweed or minerals.

A graph to show the temperature changes in a compost heap over time.

When the appropriate quantities of ingredients are used, and factors such as moisture and heat are not limiting, decomposition can occur effectively, and the core temperature of an effective compost heap can peak at 70degreesC!

Reaching this temperature is important, as harmful pathogens and weed seeds will be destroyed/denatured.

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