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2. Restoring Axles

Axels in original state
Axels were dismantled, drum brakes disassembled, then all cleaned with a wire-brush. Parts were inspected, and the decision was made to restore and paint up the axels, but to use them on another project that would not see so many roads.
These ones had rusted through the box section so the inner rubber was visible- definitely not road worthy. After researching, the life span of an axle of this sort would be roughly 25 years, so no original rice trailer axles would be any good now.
Both sides were corroded to this extent
What’s left of the corroded mounting plate
Axle with mounting plate cut off.
Now the mounting plate has been removed, you can see the hole and the internal rubber.
New mounting plate tacked on, ready for welding.
Brushed, cleaned and painted inner axel- drum brakes out
Shiny drum brakes reassembled
Cleaned and painted outer axel, no more holes!
The wheels were sanded and cleaned, then -using brushes- given 2 coats of black Hammerite Metal paint.

We will be using the original wheels on the trailer, but we will install brand new axles to ensure the safety and longevity of the trailer. The trailer will be on axle stands until we get the new axles.

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