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10. Countertops and Bars

Now we’ve fitted the cedar floor onto the ply we felt it was time to decide an internal layout. We thought we’d keep it simple and fairly open to maximise the functional work space available in the small trailer. The picture above shows how we used masking tape to trial different layouts before committing to the final one- very wide work surface at the back with a narrow one at the front, with sufficient gangway in between.
When we were happy we drew up a rough design of what it would look like while using some materials we had and others we thought we would get.
We wanted an extra wide, solid wood countertop, like they have in all the nice kitchens, but it was hard to source anything wide enough at the right price for us. Instead we bought sawn cut European oak boards that we would biscuit join together.
We would use the same oak boards for all the fold-a-bars and other counters too. This was really cost effective and came in around £120 for everything, but it did of course involve more effort. We chose waney edged boards, which we love the look of.
Luckily we had a biscuit joiner on the shelf. We used it to router out a biscuit hole in the relevant positions (scribing across both the boards while they’re next to each other ensures they will line up). We glued the biscuits in, sash clamped the boards together and left it to set for 24hrs.
Once the glue had set we cut the counter to size and sanded it smooth. We also applied multiple coats of wood wax/oil treatment to protect the wood.
For the table legs. we used up some old galvanised metal conduit. We bought flanges for feet so we could secure the legs to the floor.
Pre-cut and threaded conduit is available, but since we were recycling old stock we had to manually cut and tap the pipe ourselves using our (soon to be) bulging muscles. Once tapped the pipes were ready to be assembled using tee connectors.
We bought wall mounts to fix the legs to the counter underside.
Our extra wide counter-top with its legs attached
Top down view of basic trailer interior

Now the counters and bars were in we were super happy with how it was beginning to look, how the space worked and how the natural wood felt.

Looking over the back fold-a-bar through to the other two bars

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