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16. Signage and Power

Our trailer is so close to being ready to use! She now needs some signage, and mobile power.

We drew up the lettering we wanted on the trailer and sent them off to be made into Vinyl stickers. When they had been made, we positioned them on the trailer and peeled them back bit by bit, squeezing out the air bubbles as we went.

There are a few cooking options with mobile catering- electric with generator, gas, or wood-fire. We are exploring electric- as we then have the most diversity of appliances we can use in the trailer- fryer, hob, mini-oven, blender. However, the portability of gas is great, and wood-fire works great for pizza and BBQ.

We chose a modestly priced generator, with a power output of 6KW/ 8KVA. Theoretically, this should run at least 2 appliances, alongside the water pump, heater and lights.

In a test run, the generator did run the Urn, Induction hob, and Blender all at once with the lights and pump.

The main issue we had was with the noise of the generator. Soundproof boxes can and are used to reduce the noise pollution of generators/machines.

We designed a box that would surround the generator, be flat-packable, and be sound dampening.
We also designed the soundproofing box to look like a dog kennel, for funsies.
(‘Genny’ our generator is a loud working dog :P)

We used old chipboard, and batons to create a box with a frame. We then filled the space made by the baton with acoustic foam, and nailed feather boarding over the front.

The chipboard was lined with acoustic foam and high-density vinyl to reflect the sound internally.

We made a similarly insulated roof, then worked on holes for the exhaust and air intake… there will be heat and fumes so they must be able to escape safely with no fire risk.

This has been our final step in creating our mobile food truck!

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