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4. Jockey Door

The small door at the front of a horse trailer is known as the ‘Jockey Door’, because once the jockey/rider had led the horse into the trailer through the rear ramp, they would exit through this small door in the front. 🙂
We decided to waterproof the door by adding some more width to the bottom and the sides of it. 40mm flat bar was welded onto the door with an overhang to cover the gap. Then everything was smoothed over with some body panel sealant to fill all the gaps and make it super watertight.
The door was then completely sanded using a coarse paper on a random orbital sander, as always, to remove flaking paint and scuff up the surface for the paint to adhere to. It was then wiped and painted twice.
Alot of the original ply that came off of the internal walls of the trailer was still good. So after removing the old padding and nails, the ply was marked and cut to size using a jigsaw.
The ply was then sanded using a random orbital sander, then painted white using a external wall paint. Once painted, the ply could be bolted into the metal door.
Painted door with ply cladding on the inside
Jockey door back on with ply beautifully cut 😉
Modified jockey door- closed
Modified jockey door- open

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