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5. External Paint

Choosing paint seems like a simple job, but will take time to choose.
Getting the paint right will set a vibe for the trailer- not too light, not too dark, bold but not garish. Get an idea of what colours you like, then see what colours are available from metal paint stockists.
We always fancied a really classic British Racing Green for the main body. This was one of the original colours of the trailer that we revealed whilst sanding.
I found the RAL number for British Racing Green via a useful website:, which has a database of colours with all their different classifications (‘Hex Colour Code’, ‘RAL number’, RGB colour model). So if you have a colour in mind, you may be able to identify it on there. Complimentary colours, and closely related colours are also suggested.
Paint can be very expensive, and there are so many options. So do shop around. If you are set on a very specific colour, you can get that mixed. Never go to a Dulux Decorator center they are the most expensive. If you can find colours you like pre-made then this will be cheaper.
Ensure the paint is suitable for outdoors and for metal. We found a good, well priced selection on Both the ‘Military Vehicle Paint’ (matt, satin or gloss) and the ‘Chassis Paint’ come in a wide range of colours. We chose the Chassis paint as it can be applied directly to metal if desired, and we thought it should be durable.
We sanded all the surfaces, then primed them with some old metal paint while we were deciding on final paint and colours.
Trailer in with a coat of primer paint

Here is the trailer in her final colours:
Moss Green and Honeysuckle Cream <3

Loving the final paint 😀

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