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13. Electrics: Lights and Plugs

The first step to setting up your electrical system, is to make a simple schematic of the desired electrics, to help you in getting the components and wiring you need.

Any electrical system is going to need a consumer unit, wiring, plugs, and finally appliances. You’ll want to consider where your wiring will go- clipped to the wall, in the cavity of the wall, or hidden in cute copper conduit, like ours.

Choosing the right thickness of wire is important too, the thicker the wire, the higher its capacity to conduct electricity. Lighting demands a very small amount of power, so thinner wire can be used here- we used 1.5mm wire. Wiring for plugs will want to be thicker, as we wanted to have large potential for appliances- we used 2.5mm wire for all the plugs.
Wiring up consumer unit buzzbar
Consumer unit tucked away
Nobody wants to see loose wiring- we housed ours in some recycled copper piping. It looks great and will protect the wires. This conduit will need to be earthed, as its made of metal. We achieved this by keeping all the fittings metal (not as shown in picture below).
Wiring up plugs
Threading wiring through copper conduit (conduit must be earthed too for safety)
We gave an old funky piece of yew wood some TLC to use as a base for our overhead lighting. We drilled holes for the wiring and routed a groove for the cable. We then wired up the light fixtures and screwed them onto the wooden base. Finally, we screwed in the bulbs and wired in a temporary plug to test the lighting with power from an extension lead.
Drilling a hole in the ceiling for the light fixture- only a powerful stance and a hoodie can protect you from the raining hot swarf.
Really nearly there!

Seeing the trailer all lit up with permanent lights, and the plugs in place is a very exciting step towards completion!

Lights on, plugs in.

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