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14. Water System

We bought this sink: Reginox 1 Bowl Integrated Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Waste (, as it was an appropriate size, depth and a good price. If you want to be washing up equipment inside the trailer, you will need 2 sinks as 1 must be a dedicated handwash sink. We have 1 handwash only sink.

Now we had the sink dimensions, we marked it out on the main counter and used a jigsaw to cut out the hole. We wanted to reuse the cut-out as an insert to fill in the hole when the sink was not in use, so there was no room for error on the cutting!
Cutting countertop with jigsaw
A hole in the countertop!
Sink installed- screwed to underside of countertop
Hole drilled into countertop, tap screwed in
Counter-top insert, with love heart finger hole!
We made schematics of our proposed water system to understand the ins and outs of it. Then we set about sourcing the components.

We needed a water pump to move water around the system, and a water heater. Ideally neither demanding a lot of electricity.

Redring Stored Undersink 6L Water Heater 1.5kW |

Additionally the system needed; a 240v-12v converter for the water pump, a compression chamber (to give space for expanding hot water), one-way valves, pressure relief valve, and a drainage valve (at the lowest point to drain the system).

Plus 2x 25L jerry cans for fresh and waste water.
Ollie setting up the water system
Water system in place for testing.
System contained under the sink and counter. With sink insert hanging beside.

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